An Obama 2nd term and the Supreme Court

One of the main things I fear about a second Obama term is who he would nominate to the Supreme Court. I dislike both of the justices he put on there during his first term, and I am worried that he would get to put another liberal justice on there during a second term.

Sotomayor angered me with her ruling on the New England fire fighters case back in 2009. Also, she has called herself an “affirmative action baby”. Is she saying that she needed reverse discrimination to be successful? If so, then how was she a good choice for the Supreme Court? As for Kagan, Obama’s other appointed Justice, I also dislike her being on the Supreme Court. Kagan had never even been a judge before she was appointed to the Supreme Court. I suspect that she was just appointed because she is young and liberal. I fear that either Sotamayor or Kagan could be the longest “serving” Supreme Court Justice in history. That would be very bad for conservatives.

There are at least three justices that might retire or die during the next four year. Either Ginsburg and Breyer may retire. There is a slight chance that Kennedy might pull a Justice Souter and step down while Obama is President, but not as much of a chance as Ginsburg and Breyer. I don’t think there is any chance that the other Republican appointed Justices would step down while Obama is president.

Well, hopefully Romney wins so that Obama can’t put another young liberal on the court.

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